Artists/Assistants @ Triumph Gallery

Triumph Gallery

Artists/Assistants @ Triumph Gallery My list of things I want to do and see in Moscow before I leave seems to be ever-growing. Every time I tick something off my Moscow bucket list, I discover something else that I just have to do. My FOMO (fear of missing out) has honestly reached new and, somewhat,… Continue reading


“Artmossphere” Moscow Street Art Biennale 2016

spray cans

“Artmossphere” Moscow Street Art Biennale 2016 The saying: “there are not enough hours in the day” has never rung as true as it does living in Moscow. The sheer pace of life in the city is completely apathetic to the ambitious and, probably, unrealistic schedules of its inhabitants- namely me. However after much consideration, I’ve… Continue reading


Let’s drink tea! – Давайте выпьем чаю!

Давайте выпьем чаю! – Let’s drink tea! Tea remains one of the most pervasive symbols of ‘Britishness’ abroad. The list goes: The Queen, Mary Poppins and then tea. Sherlock Holmes and ‘fry-ups’ are also up there, but those are definitely the top three. This is despite the fact that, the consumption of tea in the… Continue reading


Jewel Collection: The Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund

Jewel Collection: The Diamond Fund When in Moscow, a trip to Kremlin and Red Square is effectively obligatory. Both sites are included in UNESCO List of World Natural Heritage sights, as they are inextricably linked to all the most important historical and political events in Russia since the 13th century’. According to the UNESCO website:… Continue reading


Pod Mukhoi Booze & Noodle Bar

Pod Mukhoi

Pod Mukhoi Moscow is fast becoming one of the best cities in the world for great food and drinks. To say the bar and restaurant scene has flourished would be an understatement. The city boasts around 4,000 restaurants, bars and cafés owned by ambitious and creative collectives who are changing the gastronomic face of the… Continue reading


Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Yuri Gagarin

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics [Мемориальный Музей Космонавтики], or the Moscow Space Museum, is appropriately located under the ‘Monument to the Conquerors of Space’ [Монумент «Покорителям космоса»] – a 110m titanium sculpture which depicts a rocket’s scent into space. Both structures stand as tribute to Soviet and Russian innovation in the… Continue reading


Studying Russian – Tips & Truth


Studying Russian – Tips & Truth I started studying Russian at school when I was about 14, although I use the word ‘studying’ loosely. In reality it was sitting in a classroom staring into space while a teacher attempted to communicate with us in unintelligible sounds- which I now assume were the Russian language. It… Continue reading


Russian Music Scene: Pompeya


Russian Music Scene: Pompeya A couple of weeks ago I went to Tuborg Green Jam, a creative one-day festival which showcased the best of street culture that Moscow has to offer including: music, food, art, style and sport. The headlining acts that day were Earl Sweatshirt, an American rapper from the hip hop collective Odd… Continue reading