The suprisingly rich world of Russian names

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who was surprised about names in Russia. Firstly, they can be very long and hard to pronounce. Secondly, Russian names consist of three parts: first name, patronymic and the surname. Since the first name and patronymic follow the family name, for foreigners especially it can sometimes… Continue reading


10 Things to do in St. Petersburg for under $20

Walk down Nevsky Prospekt Taking a walk down any of St. Petersburg’s streets in the city center will be an awarding experience. But, if you had to just pick one, then Nevsky Prospekt is a must see. As the main street of the city, Nevsky is the location of the much of the city’s most… Continue reading


Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning!


Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning! Having recently become a member of Quizlet, I can really recommend it as a language resources app! It is one of the most popular sites for learning languages, and covers almost any subject that you can think of! Quizlet is an online community which offers a… Continue reading