The suprisingly rich world of Russian names

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who was surprised about names in Russia. Firstly, they can be very long and hard to pronounce. Secondly, Russian names consist of three parts: first name, patronymic and the surname. Since the first name and patronymic follow the family name, for foreigners especially it can sometimes… Continue reading


International Children’s Day

Children’s Day is recognised globally as a day to honour children, and is often called International Day for Protection of Children. Celebrated on the 1st of June since 1950, it was established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow. According to the recent census, there are more than 26 million children in Russia and… Continue reading


Wonderful Peter, До Bстречи!

wonderful Peter

Wonderful Peter, До Bстречи! It seems only yesterday I awoke from my slumber at 2am to make the six hour journey to arrive in wonderful Peter, and study at Liden & Denz. After two months studying and interning in this stunning city, it is time for me to bid a fond farewell to the teachers… Continue reading