Andreas Bitzi Interview: Doing Business in Russia

Andreas Bitzi

Andreas Bitzi is the founder of Quality Partners and the chairman of the AEB in the Northwest. In this interview, he takes us through the difficulties that foreigners can experience by doing business in Russia and, more specifically, emphasises the importance of mastering the Russian language. Furthermore, Mr Bitzi points out how the Russian economy… Continue reading


Tretyakov Gallery – A treasure trove of culture

Tretyakov gallery

Tretyakov Gallery – A treasure trove of culture If you are interested in Russia’s history, culture, and artwork, a must visit destination has to be the Tretyakov gallery. The gallery is the third most visited art museum in the whole of Russia, after the Hermitage and the Kremlin. An individual ticket costs 400 roubles. This gives… Continue reading


Award for the Liden & Denz Website!

The industry portal Schools & Agents has awarded Liden & Denz with the label Best Website of the Month for its modern and innovative design and technology. S&A writes: “Using the popular WordPress platform, this website is easy to keep up-to-date, remain organised and become more user-friendly. (…) At one can find features such… Continue reading