Andreas Bitzi Interview: Doing Business in Russia

Andreas Bitzi

Andreas Bitzi is the founder of Quality Partners and the chairman of the AEB in the Northwest. In this interview, he takes us through the difficulties that foreigners can experience by doing business in Russia and, more specifically, emphasises the importance of mastering the Russian language. Furthermore, Mr Bitzi points out how the Russian economy… Continue reading


Liden & Denz Moscow now authorised TRKI exam centre

Liden & Denz students now have the unique opportunity to get prepared for the test and pass the exam in-house at both schools. The TRKI exam is held on 2 days and can be taken every week of the year. The first student to take the exam in Moscow was Paul Al-Windi from Sweden, who… Continue reading


The Tsar Carpenter who built Saint Petersburg

On your journey though Saint Petersburg, walking along Адмиралтейская набережная (Admiralteyskaya Naberezhnaya) you can come across a quite unusual monument Царь-плотник (The Tsar Carpenter). What’s unusual? The statue represents the great Russian Tsar Пётр I (Pyotr I) dressed like a common humble man while he is working on a ship’s fore. He has an axe… Continue reading