Time to say goodbye to Saint-Petersburg!


Almost three months passed by, since the moment when my little adventure started in Saint Petersburg. As I stayed during a 3 weeks intensive language course at Liden & Denz one year ago, I have already got an impression of Russia and Saint Petersburg. Convinced by the teaching methods of the language school, I decided… Continue reading


Kunstkamera – Peter the Great’s Museum of Malformation and Anthropology

Kunstkammer in Sankt Petersburg

If you ask locals from Saint Petersburg, what comes them to mind with the Kunstkamera, they will usually tell you: “Embryos, malformations, deformity of animals” as associations. But the Kunstkamera in Saint Petersburg is more than a collection of malformed beings. Moreover it is one of the world’s largest collection of anthropological and ethnographical exhibits.… Continue reading


Comparison of cell phone plans in Russia

cell phone plans in russia

As already indicated in the article about cell phone plans in Russia, I wanted to compare the plans of different mobile phone operators, so that a visitor of Saint Petersburg can easily estimate what plan will be the best for him. Therefore the table below summarizes the information from the 9th of December 2016. I… Continue reading


Expired visa – Lufthansa strike makes it possible

expired visa

Expired visa – Lufthansa strike makes it possible The last days of the stay in Saint Petersburg are finishing while the strongly desired return trip comes closer. The wish to go back home is enormous, neither because of the outstanding experiences at the language school Liden and Denz nor because of the versatile Russian language.… Continue reading


Life without a cell phone plan in Russia – What if I cannot deal with this?

Cell phone plan

Life without a cell phone plan in Russia – What if I cannot deal with this? Today the increasing amount of social networks, apps to communicate with the family, friends and colleagues or even the traditional way of both calling somebody or writing short text messages are indispensable for many of us to stay connected.… Continue reading


New Intern at Liden & Denz: Hello Maxim!

New intern

New Intern at Liden & Denz: Hello Maxim! Добрый день and hello to everybody, My name is Maxim and I have the pleasure to study and work as an intern at the language center Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg for the following 3 months. As a student I have already passed here three weeks… Continue reading