Welcome to Kazan!

Kazan Mosque

Kazan – in the west hardly known is the beautiful capital of the semi-autonomous Republic of Tatarstan with its more than one million inhabitants after Moscow and St. Petersburg one of the most important tourist cities in Russia. The city at the Volga became better known for its role as the venue of the 2018… Continue reading


Great times in St Petersburg! Пока ребята!

great times

Great times! Пока ребята! Well, my two months of great times at Liden & Denz have come to a close, so I suppose I should write my farewell post, like so many have done before me. Unlike them, though, I will not be saying farewell to St. Petersburg just yet – I came to Liden &… Continue reading


Discover St. Petersburg Through the Eyes of Five Russian Writers

Perhaps one of the world’s best cultural destinations, St. Petersburg has inspired a great number of artists through the ages. Many poets have been drawn to “the most abstract and intentional city of the entire globe”, amongst them Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoevsky to name just a few. So why not discover this beautiful and charming… Continue reading