St. Petersburg Open Air Music Festivals Summer 2018

It’s summer in St. Petersburg, and that means it’s time for open air music festivals! As in previous years, there’s a bit of everything for everyone: from classical concerts to techno raves, I’ve snooped the local афиши (afishi, “billboards”) for the biggest events coming up these next weeks. I hope you’ll get to visit some… Continue reading


The Leningrad Rock Scene During Perestroika – Viktor Tsoi and Kino

If you walk around the city on any evening (when it doesn’t rain) you will witness tens of street bands playing live rock music. If the tune is catchy, the lyrics are in Russian, and everyone is singing along, chances are – they’re playing a Kino song. Viktor Tsoi and Kino Kino was an incredibly… Continue reading


Internship at Liden & Denz – Round 2!

Привет всем! Я вернулась! I’m back in St. Petersburg, and back at Liden & Denz, and again as an intern! It was such a great experience the first time, I had to do it over. It’s been almost two long years since I left this city, my friends and my glamorous Russian life. It’s so… Continue reading


Mastering Russian Cursive

russian cursive

Mastering Russian Cursive Dear students of Liden & Denz, maybe some of you missed the lessons on cursive writing, so I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to learn to write like a Russian.  Many of our teachers use block letters on the board, because Russian cursive can be quite difficult to… Continue reading


Surviving Russian Winter in Saint Petersburg

Russian Winter

Surviving Russian Winter in Saint Petersburg Last January we had a month-long spell of -25° C, with night-time temperatures as low as -29° C. I personally find a challenge to my existence fun and exiting, but you have to know how to handle the situation. Here are a few tips from a survivor of Russian… Continue reading


Teacher Interview – Lyubov’

Russian teacher

Teacher Interview – Lyubov’ #meetourstaff continues! This week, I was introduced to Lyubov’, who has been with Liden & Denz for quite a long time. The interview was challenging to transcribe, as Lyubov’ speaks really quickly, but by patiently listening to my slowed-down recording a few times over, I managed to get it all down… Continue reading


Great times in St Petersburg! Пока ребята!

great times

Great times! Пока ребята! Well, my two months of great times at Liden & Denz have come to a close, so I suppose I should write my farewell post, like so many have done before me. Unlike them, though, I will not be saying farewell to St. Petersburg just yet – I came to Liden &… Continue reading


Upcoming parties in Saint Petersburg

Upcoming parties

Upcoming parties in Saint Petersburg Hello party people! Just wanted to give a heads up concerning two big techno festivals coming up this month. Bring out your sneakers, sunglasses, and – probably – your umbrellas, and a change of socks. The weather is unfortunately unpredictable in July.. definitely count on some downpours. Forewarned is forearmed.… Continue reading