4 Sushi Bars and Restaurants To Visit in St Petersburg

Sushi Bars

4 Sushi Bars and Restaurants To Visit in St Petersburg Санкт-Петербург ‘St Petersburg’ is a cosmopolitan city and home to many fantastic restaurants which offering varying international cuisine, catering to all tastes. Sushi is particularly popular here, as you will discover from the numerous Japanese restaurants. So, If you have had your fill of блины и… Continue reading


Translation: St. Petersburg, Moscow

An advertising agency in Moscow is ready to take an intern for translating texts for different websites.  You will be responsible for translating documents and ensuring that the target message remains as close as possible to the original document.


Hello Post From New Intern Francesca

New intern Francesca at Liden & Denz

Hi everyone! My name is Francesca, I’m a Dutch/Italian freelance journalist based in St. Petersburg, and since June, a new intern at the Liden and Denz Language Center in St. Petersburg. I ended up in Russia a bit by chance almost four years ago when I found a double Master’s degree in journalism between Berlin… Continue reading