Pavlovsky Posad Shawls – Two Hundred Years of Excellence

Girl in Pavlovsky Posad scarf

Pavlovsky Posad is a 223-year-old tradition of Russian excellence. Started in 1795 by Ivan Labzin, a peasant farmer from Pavlova village outside of Moscow. it’s now an empire of a symbolic Russian accessory and souvenir. Labzin first ‘hired’ a handful of volunteers to work with him in a small workshop producing silk shawls and woven… Continue reading


The Kunstkamera

The Kunstkamera (Кунсткамера) is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of St Petersburg and one of the best museums that I have been to in the city! Located on the banks of the Neva on Vasilievsky Island, directly opposite the Winter Palace, it was the first museum in the whole of Russia! It was… Continue reading


Exploring St. Petersburg’s Gardens

Tauride Garden – Таврический сад The English gardener William Gould was charged with designing the Tauride Garden in true Romantic style, and it was originally laid out in 1783-9 for the estate of Catherine the Great’s favourite (and alleged lover) Grigory Potemkin. The Garden and the adjoining Tauride Palace are named after Potemkin’s title: Prince… Continue reading