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22 Jul
There’s no doubting Moscow’s rich architectural heritage. There’s an abundance of traditional buildings both old and new which fill the bulk of Moscow’s landscape. There are however a collection of somewhat quirky buildings for anybody to peruse and admire. So let’s take a look at some of Moscow’s unusual buildings… Egg House First up is ...
05 Jul
I got thinking following on from my post about Moscow street art. Where in Moscow can somebody go to get the creative juices flowing? Artists, writers, architects and anybody looking to created need a haven, a home away from home, in order to inspire and bring out the best in their ideas. Truthfully, trying to ...
25 Jun
We all know Russia to be vast in size, so it comes as no surprise to notice a great deal of diversity it the types of canines hailing from Russia. Russian dogs were traditionally bred for working purposes, so expect to see on this list many dogs possessing traits of a shepherding, hunting and protectiveness. ...