Pushkin’s Footprints in St. Petersburg

Happy Birthday Pushkin! С днём рождения! St. Petersburg truly is Pushkin’s city, so to celebrate the great poet’s birthday why not experience the Northern Capital like he did? From the majestic Bronze Horseman to the scene of his final duel, take a look at the places which are now forever associated with Pushkin.   The… Continue reading


The 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty

After the mixed up Times of Troubles following the death of Ivan IV, a spark of hope came from the ascension to the Russian throne of Mikhail Romanov (Михаил Романов) in 1613. This event marked the beginning of the Romanov reign. The Romanovs ruled Russia until 1917, and 2013 marks the 400th anniversary of their… Continue reading


Russian language in a business context: some advice

Business Russian

Russian language in a business context: some advice I expect that many adults learn business Russian, at least in part, because they need to be able to use this language in a professional context. Because this applies to me, while still in Moscow, I wanted to check what are the available resources which can help… Continue reading