Celebrating Victory Day Through Russian Culture

Victory Day is one of Russia’s biggest national holidays, so it’s no wonder that so many films, songs, poems and books have drawn inspiration from it. Take a look below to see how Russian popular culture celebrates this most special of remembrance days. Films The Cranes are Flying (Летят журавли) Released in 1957, the iconic ‘The… Continue reading


Happy New Year

2008 has been our busiest year so far, with more students from more countries studying Russian at Liden & Denz than ever before. Other highlights include Liden & Denz winning the coveted LTM Star Award for best language school 2008 (category other languages), a high profile press and tv coverage and the successful launch of… Continue reading


Gogol’s House


Gogol’s House To say that Russia has a rich literary history would be an understatement. Russia has produced some of the greatest writers of all time, whose distinctive voices have transcended the ages. The 19th century is regarded as the ‘Golden Age’ of Russian literature and Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol- who rose to prominence at this… Continue reading