The best places for good beer in Moscow

When I told my parents that I was heading to Moscow for the summer their first reaction was ‘watch out for the vodka!’. Indeed, the Russian stuff is much stronger than the vodka we drink in Britain but also much nicer. But the stereotype of Russians and vodka is less and less relevant with the rise of craft beer breweries in Moscow and St Petersburg. Much like any European city, hipsters and beer connoisseurs have made sure that if you don’t like vodka you won’t go thirsty in Moscow! For the last month, I have been exploring the best places to drink good beer and I’m now ready to share my advice!


RULE Taproom

I think that RULE is perhaps my favourite craft beer brewery in all of Moscow. Conveniently located near the Arbat, it has over 27 beers from around the world! They have local beers like the Sasha Grape, a sour ale from a Moscow brewery called Bottle Share, as well a Mysterious Island from another microbrewery in the city. My personal favourite was the Midnight Moscow, a lovely IPA. RULE had a fabulous atmosphere and is a great place for beer lovers.



This now iconic bar and restaurant near Lubyanka metro station more than lived up to its reputation. I went there with a group of hungry Liden & Denz students and had a delicious meal and a few drinks after class. There is a selection of pizzas as well as over 20 different beers including a few ciders. The bar is decorated with Jimmie Hendrix music with his greatest hits playing in the background. There is also a good view over the former KGB headquarters on the terrace – great for an evening drink.


Eric the Red

Perhaps one of the most iconic bars in Moscow and certainly worthy of its reputation! Located on the Arbat, Eric the Red does what any good craft beer pub should do – serve hearty food and interesting beers. There are over 40 (!) delicious beers on tap. You can choose a Russian stout called the Kremlin Crude, an American barleywine called Hedonism or the Executioner IPA from Copenhagen. Food includes burgers and goulashes – perfect for a cold night and a nice pint. So, when anyone brings up Russia and vodka you can inform them about Erik the Red and its superb selection of beers.


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