Lost in Moscow public transport? Here the best apps!

Best apps for Moscow public transport

With a population of 13 million, huge concentric circular roads and Cyrillic lettering Moscow can seem like a daunting place to get around. But after two weeks living here I have devised a list of apps that can help you navigate Russia’s biggest city. All of the apps are free!



This app uses clever algorithms to devise the fastest route to your destination. Its available in most of the world’s biggest cities and I have been using religiously in Moscow. It tells you what bus/metro line/walking route to take and even informs you when the bus will arrive.



This app lets you download a map of Moscow for offline use. While it doesn’t plan public transport routes like Citymapper its great if you don’t have a Russian Sim card and don’t want to use data. Its location mapping is very accurate and shows you exactly where you are in the city.


Yandex Metro

Yandex apps are everywhere in Russia catering for every conceivable need. Their metro app is very simple. You select the metro station you are currently in and the one you want to go to. A route is then planned for you with the all the names in the Latin alphabet. Its functional and easy, perfect for navigating the beautiful Moscow metro system.


Uber/ Yandex Taxi

These two companies offer a very similar taxi service and indeed are now collaborating. Sometimes the heat (or cold!) of Moscow and the sheer size of the place will mean that a nice easy taxi will be tempting.  The Ubers in Moscow are very cheap and are never more than 5 mins away in the city centre. They are perfect for getting around late on a Friday or Saturday night when the metro has closed down.


I hope this list provides some help to those navigating around Moscow!


This post was brought to you by Tom, who is currently studying at Liden & Denz


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