Big Liver Place – A lovely cocktail bar in the heart of St Petersburg

28 November, 2014

In between Малая и Вольшая Конюшенная (Malaya and Bolshaya Konyushennaya), just off Nevsky Prospekt, is an incredibly chic bar called Big Liver Place. Located on Shvedsky Pereulok, it is very much out of the way of the hustle and bustle of life on Nevsky Prospekt and is actually quite difficult to spot. However, once inside, you will be amazed by the luxurious, comfy interior of the bar and its incredibly talented and welcoming staff!

Big Liver Place is one of my favourite places to go and relax. It is especially known for its brilliant cocktails, and the price of the drinks is very favourable to the bars that surround it (they even have a discount night every Tuesday!). Each bar in St Petersburg has its own personality and comes in various different shapes, designs and sizes, and Big Liver Place has a very relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of divans and comfy spaces to chill out in, as well as a long bar where you can sit and socialise with the talented cocktail-makers!

The relaxing atmosphere and suave furniture leads to a very comfortable and pleasurable experience. Furthermore, Big Liver Place has a trick up its sleeve. The barmen are highly-skilled and trained to make customised cocktails, which are completely down to the customer’s choice of spirit. For example, my favourite drink has become a Bloody Mary with horseradish instead of tabasco, giving it a wonderfully spicy aftertaste! There is a menu full of a variety of different cocktails from all over the world, as well as an array of colourful and tasty shots, but if you don’t fancy any of the cocktails on the menu, don’t fear! You can simply decide which spirit you would like and ask the waiter something like ‘A sweet drink with gin’, and he will fashion one up from his memory and expertise! One person in the bar with me even asked for a drink ‘in a beautiful glass’, and was given a random cocktail based on that request!
The bar itself has a 19th century feel to it, with many old pictures and drawings on the walls. Not one part of the bar is left bare, there is always something interesting to look at!

The bar has come on leaps and bounds since it was first opened, and is luckily still relatively unknown, meaning that there has never been a queue for a cocktail when I have been there! So if you tire of sightseeing and feel in need of a drink, do not hesitate to stop by Big Liver Place and let the excellent cocktail-makers work their magic for you!

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