14 January, 2016

I’m sure you already know this international application that you can use to travel in your own country or abroad for a cheaper price compared with airplanes, trains and buses; however, the main target of it, is to turn strangers, completely unknown people, into friends. you would probably think it is impossible to do this, maybe they won’t be your best friends the rest of your life but is a good choice to interact with others during your trip.

I found out about this website a month ago, because my Italian roommate decided to go to Moscow with a cheaper price than a regular train ticket; at the beginning I thought this was not a safe choice but when I read the website, it turned out that many people are using it anywhere. It doesn’t really matter which date you are travelling, you will always find someone going to the same destination at anytime.

This application has a solid data base where you will not find not even an anonymity signal, because those who are driving want to share their car with someone who they can trust and is the same feeling when you are looking for an available place to arrive to your destiny. It is possible to check the driver’s profile and what kind of vehicle does she or he has.

My roommate traveled for 1500 rubles from Московский вокзал in St. Petersburg at midnight to Moscow, she had the opportunity to meet Russians and practice with them the language. Let me remind you that is always good when you start to speak with natives and participate in regular conversations with a different speed in their speach, it will help you a lot to improve in a shorter time.

The application can be downloaded in Google play for free and if you have used it before share your experience with us. Have a nice weekend!!!

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