24th May: Russian Alphabet Day

Russian alphabet

24th May: Russian Alphabet Day The language has a very special role in Russian culture and society, so does the Russian alphabet. Of course, everywhere the language is a crucial element of people’s identity, but in Russia there is something going beyond that. Indeed, it is the Russian language which makes of the Russians a… Continue reading


1 Мая – Праздник Весны и Труда – Spring and Labor Day

May has officially begun! And in Russia this means that also the “майские праздники” (May holidays) had started. Russian people really loves these holidays because they finally can relax and spend some time with the family. These festivities are: May 1 (Праздник Весны и Труда – Spring and Labor day) and May 9 (День Победы… Continue reading


A glimpse of Russian Easter festivities!

A glimpse of Russian Easter festivities! As everybody knows, Russian Easter never coincides with the Catholic Easter. It is always some weeks later and this year will fall on the next Sunday, the 1st of May. It is the most important festivity in the Orthodox world (even more then Christmas) and, for this reason, the streets of… Continue reading


Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox christmas

Unlike us the Russian Christmas is celebrated on the 7th January, like in the rest of the slavic countries. As in our culture, this day marks the birth of Christ. Although its celebration was forbidden during the Soviet union, recently it bagan to gain popularity and religious meaning again. Russians celebrate Christmas Day with the same activities like… Continue reading


Appreciate Your Russian Teachers Day Celebration

Russian Teachers Day

Appreciate Your Russian Teachers Day Celebration On the 5th of October more than one million high school teachers and 350 000 thousand universities teachers throughout Russia are being honoured as part of the Russian Teachers Day celebrations. Ever since the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recognized the importance of the teaching profession… Continue reading


Moscow City Day

Something strange is happening in Moscow. A stage designed to look like the main Moscow State University building has been erected on Lubyanskaya square. A photo exhibition dedicated to Moscow has suddenly appeared today on Tverskoy Boulevard. All over the city, parks and public squares are being converted into performance venues. There has been an… Continue reading


С наступающим!

This Saturday 5th of September, Moscow will be celebrating the 868th  anniversary of its foundation. The city has received a total makeover during these last few days: flowers planted, walls scrubbed, roads cleaned… Displays have been installed everywhere claiming that Москва-лучший город земли (Mocow, the best city in the world) and wishing the beloved city… Continue reading


Алые паруса – Celebration of Youth and Dreams!

This night all Saint Petersburg will gather on the Neva banks to watch the stunning fireworks show and the famous ship with scarlet sails. Every years the city celebrates the end of the school year and with it as well youth, hope and dreams. Алые паруса (Alye parusa, Scarlet sails) is one of the most… Continue reading