Must-see places for Russian literature lovers in Moscow

letteratura russa

Moscow is the most important city in Russia, not only from the economic and financial point of view, but especially because it is a vast cultural centre, boasting a rich artistic and literary heritage. Moscow was house to many famous writers who made the history of the Russian literature: Mayakovski, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, just to… Continue reading


Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning!


Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning! Having recently become a member of Quizlet, I can really recommend it as a language resources app! It is one of the most popular sites for learning languages, and covers almost any subject that you can think of! Quizlet is an online community which offers a… Continue reading


‘Realisms’: A new exhibition at the Hermitage

Realisms in Hermitage

‘Realisms’ at the Hermitage While many tourists and natives visit the Hermitage every day, much of the attention is paid to the world acclaimed permanent collection. Today however, marks the opening of ‘Realisms’ (or ‘Peaлизмы’), a new exhibition featuring 21 works by British artist Mitch Griffiths, as well as art by Jim Shaw and Tony… Continue reading