The best viewpoints to see Moscow from above

Moscow from above

Moscow is so beautiful, it is worth to see from every angle, but the view from above is totally stunning. That’s why there are so many viewpoints around the city. They are historical buildings, parks, museums, and restaurants that also offer breath-taking views of the city. So, in this article you will find some hints… Continue reading


Russian farewell – До свидания!

After five wonderful weeks in Moscow it is now time to return to London! The past weeks have exceeded all my expectations and Moscow has definitely become one of my favourite cities. Before I came to Moscow I had the apprehensions that many other students do like while my Russian improve or who will I… Continue reading


Bridges in Saint Petersburg: history and quirks

Saint Petersburg bridges

Today we’re having a closer look at history and quirks of Saint Petersburg’s most beautiful bridges. I mean, this city has an astounding 342 bridges connecting its 42 islands. I feel obliged to mention them. And, on top of that, I find bridges in Saint Petersburg absolutely fascinating, not only because of all the key… Continue reading