Life in St. Petersburg, cheaper than you think

Saint Petersburg

Living in the Venice of North, as people use to call Saint Petersburg, may seem a paper dream. With a population of 5M inhabitants, give or take, and an appearance similar to metropolis such as London, Paris and other very expensive European capitals, the city can fool you into thinking that life here is extremely… Continue reading


Must do for first-timers in Moscow

Starting with a free walking tour will be truly helpful for first-timers in Moscow. Our tour started at Церковь Всех Святых на Кулишках (The Church of All Saints in the Middle of Nowhere – go on the tour to find out why!) and ended at the Александровский сад (Alexander’s Garden). It was 2 hours long, and… Continue reading


Moscow is more New York than Siberia!

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“Moscow: more New York than Siberia!” Meet Varvara Shinkevich Compare Moscow New York rather than Moscow Siberia! Prepare for the volume of everything Moscow has to offer! This is an interview with one of our teachers: Varvara Shinkevich. An introduction My name is Varvara Shinkevich and I have been teaching Russian to foreign students at Liden… Continue reading