Привет from new intern Hanna!

Привет, St.Petersburg! My name is Hanna and I will be in St. Petersburg for the next three months studying Russian and working as an intern at Liden and Denz. I’ve been told that St. Petersburg is the “cultural Capital” of Russia so I am excited to explore my new city. Last semester, I was an… Continue reading


До Свидания Moscow!


До Свидания Moscow! I can’t believe how quickly my month in Moscow has gone! It seems like just yesterday that I nervously came to my first class! The time has flown by, but it was one of the funnest and busiest months of my life! My time at Liden and Denz has been fantastic. I don’t have… Continue reading


Difficulties when studying Russian

Dear students, Today I would like to share with you some of the challenges that you might find or have already found when you are in the learning process. To my personal point of view, the most difficult thing to learn is the declension of each word according with the grammar case; then comes the… Continue reading