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19 Mar

Всем привет!

My name is Dasha and I am a new intern at Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg. I was born in the United States, but my mom and dad are from Russia. When my grandparents would ...

30 Jan

Hello! My name is Stefania and I’m the new Intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. To be honest, I spent the last several weeks searching for information on how to survive ...

20 Dec

While writing this post I truly get aware that I will be leaving soon. After 10 weeks here at Liden & Denz in Moscow it is time to go back to Austria. It seems like it was just yesterday ...

13 Dec

„Be spontaneous, be crazy, leave your comfort zone and live with no regrets“ — these words I was telling myself every day when I decided I wanted to go to Russia. Unfortunately, my family was ...

09 Dec

Всем привет! My name is Yusei from Japan and I will be working and learning Russian with Liden and Denz as an intern for the next two months! Before embarking upon a new life as a ...

06 Dec

До свидания? I can’t believe I’m already writing this post! It seems like it was just yesterday when I arrived at the school and I met my teacher, classmates and the other interns for the ...

22 Nov

These months at Liden & Denz as an intern and student have been simply amazing. Let alone the fact that this place gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people from all ...

15 Nov

Так быстро время летит. Unfortunately three months have already passed and my time at Liden & Denz is coming to an end and this time for good. It is crazy to think that I in total have ...

08 Nov

I can’t believe that three months have gone so fast! But as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and my time at Liden and Denz has been brilliant. I feel so lucky to have had ...

17 Oct

Привет из Москвы! Hello everyone, my name is Marleen and I am currently in my last year of my Bachelor’s degree International Business Relations in Austria. I will spend the next ten ...

10 Oct

So here I am, once again in Russia, starting a new adventure! My name is Miriam I’m from Basque Country, a beautiful small region in northern Spain, and I will be at Liden and Denz in ...

09 Oct
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Hello everybody, my name is Miranda, I am an Italian 24 year old student and I will be spending the next two months in Saint Petersburg, working as an intern at Liden & Denz. 

My ...