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10 Jul
Why do you study Russian? To those who ask me, I always give the same answer: it’s hard not to be fascinated by this country’s culture and history, which for a Westerner such as myself feels at the same time both curiously familiar and wonderfully other. This is similarly the case for Gian Piero Pirretto, ...
18 Jun
For those who thought this situation would never come to an end, here some exciting news from Latvia: Liden & Denz Campus in Riga is reopening soon! And it’s really just a matter of two weeks now. The reopening is scheduled for the 29th June! Still not convinced? Here some reasons that will make you want ...
01 Apr
(Click for Italian version) Exactly today, one week ago, I was sitting in a classroom at Liden & Denz Institute in Saint Petersburg. I was taking the first two parts of the Russian Certificate TRKI-2. Let’s say that these last weeks have not been easy for me, as for most foreign students who were attending ...
31 Mar
Since the beginning of the spread of the infamously famous Corona Virus, everyday life has changed its definition all around the world. Indeed, being progressively retrieved from social contact and most of us being stuck at home, our usual activities were almost all put to an end. However, learning a language is still possible thanks ...
22 Jun
Last month we welcomed a group of journalists on Liden & Denz press tour, taking them from Moscow to Eastern Siberia. The article in Tages-Anzeger unveils the impressions of summer in Irkutsk. In T-shirt und Shorts nach Sibierien – Tages-Anzeiger (read the article in German) Read the summary in English here.
06 Oct
Whether you’re learning the Russian language or are just a movie lover, have a read through these five suggestions – I’m only going to provide you with the best! Брат (1997) This film is a classic from 1997 as it should be. Translated into English it means brother. It is known all over the world ...
05 Oct
I’m writing about this topic because a lot of students studying at Liden & Denz stay with a host family. With the help of these phrases you’ll have a pleasant stay in Russia and they will definitely help to improve your relationship with your host parents. One of my colleagues at Liden & Denz also ...
21 Sep
St. Petersburg has a lot of sights and conventional activities on offer, such as visiting the Hermitage or a day trip to Peterhof. But what original, unconventional activities can you do here? And what about the slightly unusual sights, just waiting to be discovered? Well, have a read of the following blog and you’ll discover ...
13 Sep
How to Learn Russian – 8 Things You Need to Know Russian is beautiful, no argument about that. But the language of Pushkin is also very, very difficult. I’ve been studying Russian in Russia for some years now and I can tell you –  it’s a language that must be studied constantly and seriously if ...
25 Apr
Ever struggled to find the right words in English to describe your undying love for one person, your hair-of-the-dog hangover cure or the humdrum of everyday life? Look no further! These untranslatable Russian words provide a glimpse into the mysteries of the language and give you a whole new set of vocabulary to use. 1) ...