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09 Mar
What has changed in the last ten years in their personal and professional life? How much has Russia changed? Where is the country heading to? This fascinating documentary features interviews with Walter (the owner of Liden & Denz), includes impressions of the Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow and shows our 15 years gala last ...
04 Jan
The Grapevine section of the January 2008 issue of LTM highlights our 15th anniversary party, held in St.Petersburg’s fabulous Hotel Astoria in October 2007. Language Travel Magazine – 15 Years Liden & Denz
31 Oct
“Liden and Denz language school in St Petersburg, Russia, has become the first language school in the country to be accepted to join the European Association for Quality Language Services (Eaquals).” “The school, which is already a member of the International Association of Language Centres (Ialc), plans to get its Moscow-based school inspected by Eaquals ...
23 Feb
Walter Denz is a self-made man heading up two language schools and one travel agency in Russia. He has written a travel guide for the country.
23 May
Walter Denz, owner of Liden & Denz Language Centre, is the perfect example of the international mobility that inspires people to learn languages and seek a deeper understanding of different cultures.  IALC Newsletter – Internews
16 Sep
Students should know what to expect when they arrive in Russia! Language Travel Magazine – Face to Face
23 May
Господин Денц приехал со своим партнёром в Петербург в 1992 году. Его друзья в Швейцарии говорили, что они сумасшедшие, их скоро убьют, и вообще они пропадут в России. Первоначальные вложения в языковую школу “Лингва Консалт” оказались небольшими. Основные средства уходили на содержание толклвых педагогов. Сегодня языковые курсы в год посещает 400 иностранцев и 700 русских.
23 Oct
Melisa Ellis flew to St. Petersburg for a Russian language course. On my arrival at Liden & Denz the next morning, I was enthusiastically welcomed and introduced to everyone. I was immediately struck by the informal and friendly atmosphere. We had two hours’ study based around grammar practice followed by another two for conversation. The ...