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22 Mar
If you have enjoyed binge-watching on Black Mirror and you are looking for something interesting to read, then you will probably appreciate a good old dystopian novel. For an exhaustive definition of what a dystopia is, I highly recommend you to watch this animated TED-Ed. We (My), by Russian author Yevgeny Zamyatin, is to be ...
19 Mar
A one-take single 96 minutes sequence shot. 4500 people involved in the making of the film to present the viewer three centuries of Russian history. Russian Ark (2002), the monumental masterpiece by director Alexander Sokurov, was recorded completely in 33 of the halls of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg thanks to an extraordinary ...
13 Nov
Who would have known that it is so difficult to find a restaurant where you can actually get vegetarian Pelmeni. Since I have arrived here I am on this mission and it has not been going good so far. I tried out two Russian restaurants where they only had the regular meat-filled ones and my ...
25 Oct
Life is better with Mayonnaise. At least that what Russians seem to think. Food is a great way into a culture and, by understanding the past and present of Russian cuisine, we might be able to get a grasp of this fascinating culture. Whenever I think of Russian food sour cream, condensed milk and dill ...
22 Oct
Russia is simply a fascinating country: Studying its long and diverse history and its rich culture makes us understand the country and its people better. However, neither in university, nor at school do we really learn to understand what Russia’s cultural history really used to be like. We often spend hours and hours learning about ...