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31 Mar
Since the beginning of the spread of the infamously famous Corona Virus, everyday life has changed its definition all around the world. Indeed, being progressively retrieved from social contact and most of us being stuck at home, our usual activities were almost all put to an end. However, learning a language is still possible thanks ...
03 Oct
Sometimes we all have to take a break from fast-paced life in the city, even if it is just for one day. If you are living in St. Petersburg, It doesn’t really matter whether you’re living here for a long period or just staying for a few days as a tourist. With the following tips ...
21 Sep
St. Petersburg has a lot of sights and conventional activities on offer, such as visiting the Hermitage or a day trip to Peterhof. But what original, unconventional activities can you do here? And what about the slightly unusual sights, just waiting to be discovered? Well, have a read of the following blog and you’ll discover ...
19 Sep
Saint Petersburg isn’t always a cheap destination, but there are some places that you can visit for free –so take note! Normally entertainment comes with a price tag so make use of the many parks, art galleries and stunning cathedrals. Make use of free admission Some museums have free entrance days. The Hermitage has one ...
11 Aug
There are a lot of things I love about Russia, but I’m definitely obsessed with food. If you’re planning to visit St.Petersburg (or Russia in general), mentally prepare yourself: you’ll gain some weight! It is impossible to resist delicious – and very affordable – street food while walking around the city. So, here are some ...
04 May
Thinking of coming to St. Petersburg? The beautiful Northern Capital is bursting at the seams with culture, history and art. With so much to explore, it’s worth getting to know the practical ins-and-outs of living here! I’ve put together 5 handy hints for life in St. Petersburg to help you truly get to know the ...
14 Mar
Looking to transport yourself back in time? The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines (Музей советских игровых автоматов) has to be one of the most entertaining museums in St. Petersburg! It is less a museum than an actual arcade hall, complete with fully-functioning old game machines (well, almost all of them work – they are Soviet ...
01 Mar
St. Petersburg is a city famous for its fairy-tale looks. The turrets of the Church of the Spilled Blood and the intricate architecture combine to make St. Petersburg a truly magical place. So, where better to make your dreams come true? I’ve tracked down some of the best places in the city where you can make ...
02 Aug
5 Coffee Shops in St. Petersburg Looking to quench your caffeine craving?  Look no further!  Liden and Denz Video Blog Intern Ryan Gourley will show you the 5 best coffee shops in Saint Petersburg and what to order at each one. Music by Herbie Hancock.
30 Jun
В Питере Пить – V Pitere Pit’ (Drinking in Saint Petersburg) Weekend is around the corner so I thought I’d share some of my favorite bars with you that are worth a visit (none of them on Dumskaya.) For your convenience, they are grouped in one area of the center, all within crawling distance of ...