Dawn of Second World War: Leningrad Siege

Leningrad Siege

Dawn of Second World War: Leningrad Siege What is the Leningrad Siege? In the early hours of 22 June 1941, Hitler’s Germany attacked Stalin’s Soviet Union. World War II had come to Russia. For Leningrad, the war meant blockade. Less than three months after the invasion, German Army Group North reached the outskirts of the… Continue reading


Татьянин День – students’ holiday

January 25th (January 12th Old Style) is commemorates the death of the 3rd Century Christian martyr, St. Tatiana of Rome. St. Tatiana was a pious young woman, who was brought up by her father as a Christian and became a deaconess of the fledgling sect in Rome, when it was still in hiding from the… Continue reading


Passport system

Have you ever wondered why do we need to give our passports whenever we want to purchase something in Russia? Passport is the only ID system allowed in Russia, in order to have control over the population and its activities this system was created, here’s the story. On December 27, 1932, the modern passport system… Continue reading


Russian New Year’s change

New Year

Despite today is Christmas celebration for most of us, in Russia is just another normal day. I want to draw your attention to a historic fact about the most important Russian celebration which is New Year, but later on I’ll also public how they celebrate it. On December 20, 1699, Russian Tsar Peter the Great issued an… Continue reading


5 facts about Russian Postage Stamps

Russian Postage Stamps

5 Facts About Russian Postage Stamps On December 22, 1857, the Russian Empire Postal Department issued a circular letter on the introduction of Russian postage stamps for public use. 1.Stamp system The first signs of postage were adopted in Russia in 1845 in the form of postal stationary envelopes for local mail in St. Petersburg… Continue reading


Did you know about SSSR Spy exchange: Corvalan for Bukovsky?

SSSR spy exchange

Did You Know About SSSR Spy Exchange: Corvalan for Bukovsky? Notorious SSSR spy exchange took place in the 70s. Before my arrival to Russia this year, I watched an American film, Bridge of Spies, which jumped into my mind when I started to read Bukovsky’s trade. Who is Bukovsky? Vladimir Bukovsky was a prominent Soviet… Continue reading


Do You Know Who Killed Stalin?

killed stalin

Do You Know Who Killed Stalin? Who Killed Stalin? Maybe you have heard about conspiracy theories around the world and especially during wars like the Cold War, First and Second World War, etc. We can say even until these  days the government keeps having its dirty little secrets. I found a very interesting article about… Continue reading


The Tsar Bell (Царский колокол)

Today, I want to share with you an important fact that occurred this day in history on the year of 1735, the production of the world’s largest bell also known as the Tsar Bell. The empress Anna Ioannovna ordered to produced it, because the first 130 ton version was shattered and cast out into broken… Continue reading