A Guide to Restaurants in Moscow (Video)

Moscow Restaurants

Video Guide to Restaurants in Moscow I’ve spent a month now in Moscow and have tried out many restaurants. Here is a quick guide to my favourite restaurants for traditional Russian food, vegetarian food and food for a special occasion.


Moscow’s Districts

Moscow is the most populated capital city in the world, with over 11 million citizens! It’s so big that it’s divided up into districts, like Frunzeskaya near Gorky Park, and Patriarshy Ponds, one of the most elite neighbourhoods in the city. If you’re into architecture you’ll want to take a walk through Arbat – Kropotkinskaya… Continue reading


Doctor, Doctor: A Take on Russian Healthcare


Doctor, Doctor: A Take on Russian Healthcare A topic that has come up in conversation a lot for me in the last week is healthcare in Russia and, in particular, the use of antibiotics. This is rather coincidental, as when I went to do some research on it over the weekend, I found out that last week… Continue reading