Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow

10 July, 2015

This very well known cathedral located not far from the Kremlin in Moscow is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world. So make sure you have this one on your “Things to see in Moscow” checklist, if you haven’t done so already.

It is, however, not the first church standing in that place. The first church built in that area was taken down in 1931 in order to build a colossal Palace of The Soviets. However this never actually happened, and so in the 1990s the church was reconstructed to what it looks like today. Interesting fact: In 1882, the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky was premiered in the original church.

There are events taking place every day possibly at 08h00, 09h00, 10h00 and 17h00. To see the exact times for each day, go to this website: And if you want to see the cathedral from inside, the website has now a virtual tour link: From outside it is already an incredible view, so imagine what it’s like when you go in.

In order to see the cathedral, you need to go on an organized tour. During this one you will be shown the 40-meter panoramic view from a platform.

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