The hidden treasures of Catherine Park

09 October, 2015

Saint Petersburg offers its visitors countless and varied opportunities for leisure activities. From romantic boot tour through charming canals, cultural afternoons at museums to modern shopping malls and amusement arcades. But sometimes it is necessary to take some time off to escape urban life and recharge your batteries.

For the visitors of the eastern Metropolis the Catherine Park, which surrounds the magnificent Catherine palace and the world-famous Amber room, is one of the most popular day trips. But not just the historic palace is worth a visit – just strolling through the park is an unforgettable experience. In autumn the garden shows its best and most colorful side – numerous charming houses, rivers and lakes almost make it seem almost magical.


While talking a walk through the park grounds especially the Hermitage stands out. The little blue palace is surrounded by a ditch and built on a white-black checkered floor. In the 18th century the Pavilion was used for opulent banquets and as a ballroom. If a banquet took place there was a huge table pulled up from the ground floor and as soon as the ball started it was let down again. Looking through the windows of the ground floor you can see complex and big construction of the removable table. The baroque architecture of the building paired with the extraordinary tiles make you feel like Alice in wonderland and is truly magical.

The spaciously laid out pond in the center of the park hosts a little island which offers a splendid view at the extraordinary stone bridge and the surrounding monuments.

A walk through the Catherine Park is like an exploration tour – you will always discover something new, get uniquely beautiful snapshots and breathtaking views while you can relax in the nature.

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