Comparison of cell phone plans in Russia

cell phone plans in russia

As already indicated in the article about cell phone plans in Russia, I wanted to compare the plans of different mobile phone operators, so that a visitor of Saint Petersburg can easily estimate what plan will be the best for him. Therefore the table below summarizes the information from the 9th of December 2016. I explicitly mention the date because the operator adapt their plans quickly. For example when I arrived in Saint Petersburg the provider Rostelecom had a different portfolio which now is adapted to that one of Tele2. But even if the tariffs change, I am convinced that this table gives you nevertheless an orientation of what you can get for your money. Corresponding to their prices the different mobile phone plans are arranged in the table.


While reading the table, the comment “in SPB” means that calls or SMS are only available in Saint Petersburg and/or in the appropriate oblast. Mostly there is no statement if the data volume can be used in another oblast, but I suppose yes. In case the contract is signed in another city than Saint Petersburg you should replace “SPB” by the equivalent city, like Moscow. Apparently the operator Beeline has a special offer in which you get for the first months a huge amount of data, but this offer is only available until February 2017. Since every operator has some special options for calls or text messages within the same mobile phone network, it might be advantageous to have the same operator as your friends have. And by the way, don’t forget your passport when you sign up one of the cell phone plans in Russia.

Smart miniВсё включено XSСУПЕРСИМКА MОчень черный
1000 min to MTS Russia;
unlimited talks to MTS SPB
150 min in SPB;
unlimited to MegaFon Russia
400 min in SPB and to Rostelecom Russia400 min in SPB and to Tele2 Russia
200 SMS in SBP150 SMS in SBP and MegaFon Russia400 SMS400 SMS
1 GB2 GB in SPB3 GB3 GB
200 RUB250 RUB250 RUB250 RUB
SmartВсё за 500Всё включено  SСУПЕРСИМКА LСамый черный
500 min in SPB;
unlimited calls to MTS Russia
600 mins in SPB and to Beeline Russia300 min;
unlimited calls to MegaFon
600 min in SPB and to Rostelecom Russia600 min in SPB and to Tele2 Russia
500 SMS in SBP300 SMS in SPB and to Beeline Russia300 SMS600 SMS600 SMS
3 GB18 GB (8 GB after 3 months)5 GB6 GB6 GB
350 RUB500 RUB350 RUB400 RUB400 RUB
Smart+Всё за 800Всё включено MСУПЕРСИМКА LОчень Сверхчерный
900 min in SPB; unlimited calls to MTS Russia1000 min in SPB and to Beeline Russia650 min; unlimited talks to MegaFon1000 min1000 min
900 SMS in SBP500 SMS in SPB and to Beeline Russia650 SMS1000 SMS1000 SMS
5 GB22 GB (8 GB after 3 months)7 GB8 GB8 GB
600 RUB800 RUB650 RUB600 RUB600 RUB
Smart TopВсё за 1200Всё включено L
1600 min; unlimited calls to MTS Russia2000 min1300 min; unlimited talks to MegaFon
1600 SMS1000 SMS1300 SMS
7 GB25 GB (15 GB after 3 months)10 GB
1000 RUB800 RUB1000 RUB

Maxim, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg

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