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Cēsis – One of Latvia’s most beautiful towns

23 July, 2015

Cēsis is one of Latvia’s most beautiful towns situated in the centre of Vidzeme with a medieval background and rich in contemporary culture. One of Cēsis’ most popular attractions is the Cēsis Castle. There you have the opportunity to go on a theatrical tour if arranged in advance, and even try medieval meals. If you like beer, you will also get the chance to taste the local beer from the local brewery, one of the oldest in the Baltics. And don’t forget to go for a walk on the park.

St. John’s Church, the largest church in Vidzeme, is situated close to the Castle. And inside you will see an organ which, to this day, fills the surrounding Old Town streets with music.

Cēsis Museum of History and Art is also a must, being one of the oldest provincial museums in Latvia.

And if you are interested in festivals, this town is also packed with musical and artistic activities throughout the warm months. The next ones will be in the following dates:

 03-09 July: Cesis art festival

01-02 August: Medieval Festival

To know more about the town and the event schedule, please visit this website:


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