Charlie Pizza

Charlie Pizza
15 May, 2014

If you haven’t discovered Charlie Pizza in Riga yet, then you are seriously missing out.

What’s not to love about a pizza place that serves delicious food at affordable prices and even hands out a flyer of discounts as you walk through the door?

In a restaurant where you can have a full lunch meal for just 2.99, you’d expect the food to be edible but not that yummy and this is where Charlie Pizza really comes into its own: the food is delicious! It’s so colourful and tasty and wonderful.

Located at Skunu iela 19, the restaurant is beautifully decorated in early 1900’s charm, with lavish seating and rich tones, complementing the Charlie Chaplin theme perfectly.

If you need any other reason to visit, think on this: when we were in Riga, for just three days, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t eat at the same restaurant twice: we ate at Charlie Pizza three times.

The menu is varied enough to offer something for everyone and if you’re not in the mood for pizza there’s also a wide selection of salads, pasta and meat dishes to tempt you.

The cocktail menu is extensive and well-priced as well, and their desserts are scrumptious.

If you’d like to look at the menu or print off your own discount coupon selection, click here.

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