“Chez Géraldine” and the festival “Circle of light”

28 September, 2015

In France, Geraldine is a relatively rare name. In Russia, needless to say, it is absolutely unknown and impossible to make it sound more Russian expect by adding an a at the end… Often the Russian react with “ооо такое красивое имя!” (ooh what a beautiful name). So when I discovered that there was a restaurant called Chez Géraldine just off Остоженка улица, I was absolutely gob-smacked and immediately decided to go and try the restaurant on the next day. This restaurant was created by two Frenchmen, whose mother was called Geraldine. All the food that is served in the restaurant is inspired by here own recipes.

When arrived around 6:30 pm for an early dinner. The first impression was very nice as I was seeing my name printed in Russian for the first time! The place was very calm, with only two other tables that were occupied. The general impression is a little dull as the decor is nearly too simple and a lit oldish. We ordered typical French dishes including a confit duck and a veal blanquette. Here there is no sophisticated cuisine, only a very simple French bistrot style cooking with hearty and flavored dishes. After our main course, we shared cheese platter and a delicious traditional taste tatin. The food was without doubt very tasty. The portions are generous but not too big at the same time. The meal both drinks costed 3080 doubles which remains a reasonable price for a restaurant in Moscow. This is definitely a place you go too only for the quality of the food but not the general atmosphere. Of course, for me it was a must as I rarely have then occasion to eat in my own restaurant.

After this, we went to the Gorkiy Park which is only a short walk away. From the riverbank, we were able to enjoy the light and sound show that was projected onto the ministry of defense and the andreyvskiy most. Until the 4th of October, events that are part of the 5th edition of the festival “Circle of light” are taking place in difference part of the capital. Every night from 19:30, shows go on the Bolshoy Theater, the Detskiy Mir, Chistye Prudi, Patriarshiy Prudi and the VDNKh. You should absolutely try to go to at least one or two shows as they are all very beautiful and unique.

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