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Christmas Festival

13 December, 2013

As we move further into December and approach the new year, the feeling of the holiday season is in the air. In Russia however, the holiday season is not quite the same as in most western countries. The numerous decorations, lights and “Christmas” Trees (Ёлка) you see scattered throughout the city are in fact, not for the celebration of Christmas, but rather for the coming new year. But in the next few weeks, this will change on Pionerskaya Square (Пионерская площадь).

Opened from December 19 until January 12, representatives from numerous countries will erect small houses on the square to display their own unique Christmas traditions and culture. Some of the holiday atmospheres that you will be able to experience are from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, China , USA and many others.

Each country will also put on its own holiday program to entertain its guests and also allow them to try their own unique festive  and national dishes.

Don’t miss this unique chance to experience the holiday season around the world right here in St. Petersburg!

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