Climbing at Skalatoria in Moscow

Climbing fanatic? Or just curious about the sport? Well Moscow has a great range of climbing gyms for the experienced pro to the nervous novice.

In the last months I started to get interested in ‘bouldering’ which is climbing small walls without ropes. After climbing in London and my hometown of Bristol I thought I should give Moscow a go.



On Wednesday Martin and I headed to the renowned Moscow climbing gym, Skalatoria (this translates to ‘climbing house’). Founded in 2009, it is now one of the best bouldering gyms in the city. The staff thankfully spoke English as our Russian vocabulary has not yet extended to technical climbing!

When the head instructor of the gym saw Martin and I flailing around he gave us a much needed helping hand. The climbing routes extended from easy 5’s to nearly impossible (for us at least) 7s. Over the course of an hour and a half we gradually improved despite our muscles losing much of their strength by the end. It was definitely a great workout and a good way to keep fit while studying, working or travelling in Moscow.



One of the most entertaining aspects of the climbing session was just relaxing on the mats and watching the amazing Russian climbers. A couple of female climbers were easily completing the routes that Martin and I could be barely get halfway through. Other climbers were doing moves that I could scarcely believe!

The gym also contains an area for yoga and stretching as well as places to relax and chat with friends. Skalatoria even hosts competitions of national and international importance including the Moscow Climbing Championships.

Skalatoria is a great place for people looking to climb for the first time as well veteran boulderers. It’s located on Letnikovskaya ulitsa near Paveletskaya metro station. Climbing and shoe rental cost 800 rubles.



Two weeks ago my colleague in St Petersburg, Emily, wrote about the best climbing gyms in St Petersburg. Have a look at her article here for some great tips on climbing in Russia’s second city.


Three Climbing Gyms in St. Petersburg


This piece was written by Tom, currently studying at Liden & Denz


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