COVID-19-Enforced Updates To Our Cancellation Policy (Valid Until Further Notice).

As of today there is no fixed date as to when the borders will open and flights will resume to our destinations in Russia and Latvia. Our centres are likely to reopen before international travel becomes possible, catering for the needs of expatriates and locals wishing to learn foreign languages.

Postponement/Cancellation of a booked course

All students who have booked programmes for any date during 2020 will be able to postpone their courses & accommodation to a later date with no penalty. A credit note valid for two years will be issued. Students cancelling a booked course also will receive a credit note/course voucher - valid for two years.

Students can also convert their booked courses to live online tuition - or simply book one of our online course packages.

Posted on 05.05.2020 and valid until further notice.