The day of Spring and Labour in Moscow (Праздник весны и труда)

01 May, 2014

The day of Spring and Labour in Moscow (Праздник весны и труда)
[gap height=”15″] Major international celebration, the May day is an important public holiday in Russia as in several countries (more than 80 countries). The first of may is also the symbol of the beginning of spring with the arrival of the good weather ! This year, muscovites people are really lucky as this day will be warm and sunny : perfect for holiday and to rest !
[gap height=”15″] Then, what will do people of Moscow this day ?May 1, Russia and Moscow, has two completely different aspects.
[gap height=”15″] Originally “Labour Day”, has more a political aspect, designed primarily to celebrate the workers. That day several demonstrations take place in Moscow.
[gap height=”15″] But for the major part of Muscovites, this celebration is an opportunity to relax, enjoy the sun and to go for a walk. Here are some examples of what is held in 2014 in Moscow.
[gap height=”15″] In all parks, May 1st is the opening of the spring season. At that occasion, several events are organized for the pleasure of the inhabitants of Moscow, who can take a break that day.
[gap height=”15″] Park “Sokolniki” organised a Velo and Segway show with a parade where you can admire some unusual and funny bikes! Park “Gorki” also invites you to several events and surprises to discover. The park Kuzminki organizes magic shows !
[gap height=”15″] In the evening, to the fortress “Сетуньский стан”  will be organized concerts as well as other shows (fireworks, dance, …)!
[gap height=”15″] The city also hosts the Festival “Moscow Spring” (from 1 to 11 May) that takes place in more than twenty different places, with different atmospheres. The festival features many concerts, shows, sporting events, markets, etc … Note that for the occasion, more than 200 restaurants offer a menu with historical and national dishes for the occasion.
[gap height=”15″] Many Muscovites enjoy these holidays to breath sole fresh air  and to get away from the bustle of the city. They go to their dachas to rest, to see their families and friends!

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