Zuckerschock gefällig? Besuch bei Mickey & Monkeys

In meiner Zeit hier in Sankt Petersburg habe ich mich oft auf die Suche nach versteckten Cafés oder Restaurants gemacht, ich wollte richtige Geheimtipps entdecken. Letzte Woche bin ich durch Zufall via Instagram auf ein weiteres verstecktes Plätzchen gestoßen, welches den Namen Mickey & Monkeys trägt. Durch die online gestellten Fotos von den größten Kalorienbomben… Continue reading


5 Fun Places To Visit in St. Petersburg

Fun places

5 Fun Places To Visit in St. Petersburg If you are anything like me, you might have days when you want to meet with your friends, but you’re in the mood for something different. But unless you ask a local where you can go, you might never hear about certain places. Well, I finally asked,… Continue reading


Squeaky-clean Russian TV

The recent incident in which Russian TV channel TVT censored a mild swear-word caused great hilarity among TV viewers. Russian law states certain expletives, as laid down in an official list, must be bleeped out on television. A very sensible law in today’s world, many would be inclined to comment. However, during the recent airing… Continue reading