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04 Februar, 2008

Topics can be related to classroom experience but can go even further. We are interested in your authentic comments on Russia, St.Petersburg, Moscow, your accommodation, your advices to other visitors and future students of Russian. You can write in Russian, English or your own language. More detailed intstructions you find here.

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Am 27. Mai ist der 311 Jahrestag von Sankt Petersburg. Wenn das mal kein Grund für ein ausgelassenes Fest ist! Die Feierlichkeiten finden bereits ...
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Book now 2 weeks and get third week free of charge This offer is available only for Moscow based expatriates and applies to all groups starting ...
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With the arrival of Daria Nagornaya in our team, we have started to upgrade the activities calendar for the new season. The activity calendar for ...
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Diese 5 Dinge sollte man in Russland niemals sagen oder tun! Wir haben bereits in unserem Blog über russischen Aberglauben gesprochen (siehe den ...
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