Liden & Denz celebrates 15 years in Russia

03 November, 2007

Among the guests were members of the diplomatic community,
city officials, press and TV, corporate clients, many of our students
and most of our staff and teachers from both schools

The celebrations were preceded by a press conference devoted to a new
joint project of a Swiss Hospitality Academy in St.Petersburg which
should open in September 2008. The party was kicked off by one of
the company founders, Walter Denz, who looked back 15 years and
showed some interesting and amusing pictures from the school’s
archive. The keynote speech was delivered by Swiss Consul General Mr.
Urs Strausak, who reminded the audience of the long tradition of
Swiss going abroad to set up educational institutions.

The m/c for the celebrations was yet once again Stas Sokolov, who was
joined for a special award ceremony by Yana Alyoshina, centre
director of Liden & Denz St.Petersburg. The fantastic buffet dinner
was prepared by the Astoria’s executive chief Colin Flood, drinks
were flowing freely and everybody seemed to have a great time!

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