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Liden & Denz joins EAQUALS

15 August, 2007

Liden & Denz St.Petersburg is the first language centre in Russia ever to have passed the rigorous EAQUALS inspection, which differs from other quality management schemes because it (quoting EAQUALS) “covers not just processes and documentation but what happens in reality. The focus is on the school-in-action, the experience of the clients, not just the school-in-theory.”

The EAQUALS accreditation adds credibility to our long standing quality assurance statements. This is important not only for potential students who are looking for guidelines how to choose the right school. The same applies for corporations training their Russia-bound expatriates and language travel agencies looking for a reliable partner.

Liden & Denz plans to have its Moscow operation inspected by EAQUALS in summer 2008. More information about all Liden & Denz accreditations and memberships can be found here. The EAQUALS website offers a wealth of information on quality management in the language teaching world.

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