New Liden & Denz Website Online

27 Januar, 2010

Liden & Denz proudly presents its new website which is entirely blog-driven, very interactive and full of new features. Using the popular WordPress platform, the new site will be much easier to keep up-to-date but most importantly, is much better organised and more user-friendly. New and improved features include:

  • Live Events Calendars for Liden & Denz St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Our popular Russian online test has been completely overhauled
  • Student feedback reaches our website much faster
  • New RSS feeds delivering our news right on your desktop
  • New download section with a selection of flyers, brochures, pricelists and other documents

We also offer new content, such as

  • Our brand new promotional video (also available with German subtitles)
  • Listing of available internship and volunteer positions
  • Contributions from our students, who send us interesting posts

At Liden & Denz we continously try to improve our services and we make a big effort to offer you the best Russian language programmes available in Russia. Please let us know how we are doing! See you soon in St. Petersburg or Moscow! Walter Denz

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