Курсы иностранных языков

New Russian Evening Courses at Liden & Denz

23 Januar, 2013

Liden & Denz St. Petersburg is launching a new Russian language course designed specifically for the needs of expatriates. The course will work for newly arrived expats as well as for foreign specialists living in Russia for years. Our expat courses starting in the last week of January will be offered at several levels. Expats will enjoy learning Russian in small, open groups, together with their peers. Students may join or leave the groups any week. The course content is organised in by-weekly modules, this is why we recommend to stay with the group at least for two weeks. Having lessons twice a week is really what is necessary to make a difference but will keep other evenings and the weekends free. Courses are scheduled for Mon-Wed and Tue-Thu, all starting at 19:00 and finishing just after 21:30. Both centres, in St. Petersburg and Moscow, offer these courses. Suggested links: Liden & Denz Russian courses for expatriates Rates and starting dates of our expatriate courses

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