Brieffreundschaft 2.0: Wie Whatsapp beim Sprachenlernen hilft

How to study Russian with Whatsapp

Wie Whatsapp beim Sprachenlernen hilft? Das möchte ich euch anhand meiner ganz persönlichen Erfahrung erzählen. Während meines Sprachkurses in St.Petersburg habe ich schnell Fortschritte im Russischen gemacht. Trotzdem stellte sich für mich irgendwann unweigerlich die Frage, wie ich mir all die neuen Vokabeln und die neue Grammatik merken soll, wenn ich irgendwann wieder in Deutschland bin und… Continue reading


Airport closed during G8 Summit in St.Petersburg

The St.Petersburg airport (Pulkovo) will be completely closed and no flights will be operated on these3 days. In connection with this we ask you to take note of the following: For all courses starting on Monday, 17. July the arrival day should be Friday, 14. July (or Thursday, 13. July). Pickup transfers will be organised… Continue reading


Nourish Your Language: Foodie Words Refashioned

Nourish Your Language

Nourish Your Language: Foodie Words Refashioned Russian language is rich with proverbs, idioms, slang and aphorisms, and Russians don’t shy away from employing them! Being a lover of food, and a lover of language, I thought I would put together a handful of my favourite sayings and alternative definitions, all related to the most common… Continue reading