Warum sich Russisch lernen in Irkutsk lohnt

Willst du Russisch lernen und das “echte Russland” erleben? Dann komm nach Irkutsk! Letzten Winter habe ich zwei Monate bei Liden & Denz in Irkutsk verbracht und habe jede Minute meines Aufenthaltes genossen. Die Schule wurde erst vor kurzem eröffnet und befindet sich in einem der schönsten historischen Gebäude an der Karl-Max-Strasse, direkt im Zentrum… Continue reading


Met at Liden & Denz Edward Wingfield

  Edward Wingfield is an English student, studying French and Russian at the University of Oxford. Here is his story:  Why did you decide to come to Russia to study Russian? I’ve been studying Russian now since I was about 16 and I had a very charismatic teach from Russia who said that if we… Continue reading


Is it true that Russians never smile or laugh?

Russians never smile

Is it true that Russians never smile or laugh? Foreigners, especially those who come to Russia for the first time, have often a negative impression of Russian people and frequently ask themselves why Russians are so serious and why is that difficult for them to be a slightly more kind. To be honest, before getting… Continue reading