Neue Praktikantin bei Liden & Denz: Привет!

Neue Praktikantin bei Liden & Denz: Привет! Hallöchen! Ich heiße Cynthia und bin die nächsten zwei Monate lang in der traumhaft schönen Stadt St. Petersburg stationiert! Mittels des Work and Study Programms bei Liden & Denz bin ich bei der Sprachschule als Schülerin, aber auch als Praktikantin tätig. Mit 19 Jahren kann ich mich mit… Continue reading


Exploring the best Moscow clubs on the scene

read about the best Moscow clubs

So, I finally get onto my favourite topic! Before I came out to Moscow I was really excited about immersing myself in the electronic music scene out here. And some of my best experiences on my trip so far have been in clubs, listening to Russian DJs or meeting Muscovites out having a good time… Continue reading


Moscow Metro Celebrates 80th Anniversary in May

Moscow Metro Celebrates

80th Anniversary Of The Moscow Metro On May 15 the Moscow Metro celebrated its 80th anniversary. This stunning subway system dates back to 1935 and witnesses the historical and political changes of Russia. The first metro line was 11 kilometres long, from Sokolniki to Park Kultury, and consists of 13 stations. Nowadays there are 196… Continue reading