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Visa procedure simplified!

02 Oktober, 2007

This summer, new visa rules came into effect which have simplified the
invitation procedure for certain visitor categories. For us very
convenient is the fact that the new system provides a fast track for
students carrying a Schengen passport. After some initial hiccups,
the procedure seems now to work smoothly. We therefore feel it is the
right time to go public and explain what impact it has for students
wishing to study Russian at one of the Liden & Denz Language Centres.

Most importantly we are now able to issue invitation letters for
student visas ourselves. A student visa is valid for up to 3 moths
and can be prolonged for up to one year without leaving Russia. This
means that from now on we are able to accept long-term bookings at
short notice, providing the student accepts courier costs for the
invitation letter (faxed copies or scans will not do). This
simplified procedure applies only to passport holders from Schengen

Please contact our booking department for more information.

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