Курсы иностранных языков

Volunteer at the Charitable Institution: St.Petersburg

10 Dezember, 2012

Volunteer programme in organizations in St.Petersburg focuses on the opportunity to work with children and their families who are in critical situation.Main Duties:

  1. Teach children, help them with homework
  2. Play games
  3. Assist children with different activities
  4. Psychological help


  • General requirements: Native English, German, French speaker, highly motivated people. Tolerance, sociability, affability, activity, team work
  • Russian language level and usage: A2/B2, good understanding of spoken Russian (depends on position), every day communication with children and colleagues
  • Working hours: Flexible (4 hours per day)
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Possible duration: From 4 weeks till 6 months

Please contact us if you are interested in this internship

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