Dict.cc Mobile App

15 October, 2013

This article will be the first of a weekly series in which I will review some of my favorite mobile apps and websites for studying Russian. To start it off, I would like to highlight a very useful app, which you can use with or without an internet connection and is completely free!

The app is called simply “Dict.cc” and is a English/German to Russian dictionary app corresponding with the website http://enru.dict.cc/. Despite being pretty barebones at the moment, the offline capability makes up for its shortcomings.

The first thing you do after downloading the app, is to download one of its numerous language packs, which allows you offline access to its library of different words and phrases.

The app also features some pronunciations by native speakers. But unfortunately, this feature only works with an internet connection, and the library of audio recordings is quite small.

Overall, if you are looking for a dictionary app, which you can take with you and use while shopping, or talking to your Russian friends,  and don’t have access to an internet connection, then this is a great app to have on your Smartphone.

Advantages: Works without internet, easy to use, available for many different languages

Disadvantages: Library is limited, information is simple

Level: All

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