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Discover the Романов-Dynasty in Saint-Petersburg

05 August, 2014

Since Saint-Petersburg became the Capital of Russia and the Tsar family moved there and reigned from there, the city is strongly related to the Romanov Dynasty, which ruled over more than 300 years Russia. During this time Russia and the city have seen both, times of cultural and economic progress but also times of war and hardships.

Living in Saint-Petersburg you have definitely already seen some buildings which have been built for the Romanovs and which are witnesses of the long period of bloom Russia experiences under this family.

The most famous is probably the Winter Palace. Nowadays also known as the main building of Hermitage, it has been built in 1711 by Peter the First. But also the Anichkov Palace, built for Katerina I, the Mikhailovsky Castle, built for Katerina II and Mikalhovsky Palace built for Paul the First, are some of the less famous but very beautiful and fascinating houses of the Romanovs.

Not only the houses of this dynasty are very interesting but also its end. In March 1917 the Emperor Nicolas ll had to abdicate due to the February Revolution. But for the Bolsheviks this was not enough and they killed Tsar Nicholas ll and many members of his extended family in 1918.

If you are interested in learning more about the abrupt end of the longest reigning dynasty of Russia and especially if you want to see where and how the Romanovs lived, you should sign up for the walking tour from the Liden and Denz Cultural program, which takes place Wednesday the 6th of august at 5 p.m.

The walking tour will be guided by on of our teachers and you will walk past the palaces, some important Squares related to the Romanovs, such as the Peter the First Manezhnaya Square, the beautiful Elizaveta Petrovna Garden in front of the Alexandrinsky theatre and some important monuments like the one of Peter the First in front of the Engineer’s Castle.

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